People are either grossed out or fascinated by the lobster wriggling around as it is pulled out of the tank, as so much of the food that we buy is dead long before you buy it. While we cannot promise that our lobsters will do a dance for you, the best live lobsters in Myrtle Beach, SC are located in the ocean water-filled tanks at North Atlantic Seafood Market.

We not only keep our Maine lobsters in ocean water in the store, but we also have them delivered in such fashion as to ensure that they are as fresh as possible. Lobsters from Maine are a legend unto themselves, and we can guarantee that you will not be disappointed when you buy them at our store.

Bright red lobsters are certainly a treat, and we think you should stop by the North Atlantic Seafood Market and treat yourself to a lobster or two. We have lobsters in all sizes and offer wholesale purchases for restaurants that are looking to restock their supply. In addition to our great prices for lobsters, we are also able to steam lobsters for customers on request.

North Atlantic Seafood Market’s lobster sales are always one of our most popular items, and we work hard to make sure that the lobsters you are buying are up to the quality New England standard that the rest of our seafood is. If you have read through all of this and are not hungry for lobsters, something must be wrong with you! Seriously though, stop by our Myrtle Beach, SC location, and shop for live lobsters that will take your breath away.

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